Decadence 5 Review | Guvernment Complex, Toronto Canada 3-20-08

25 03 2008

Being from New York, it’s easy to forget that there’s other shit going on in the world, nonetheless be wow’ed by something new.  Flew up to Toronto to mix up some business with some pleasure, and fuck I couldn’t have picked a better date.  Thanks to Miss Raquel who runs Scenster mag, I was able to get on the guestlist to the mother of all parties in Toronto.  Hopeful to connect with her again on my next trip.

Decadence 5 – At the Guvernment Complex, Toronto Canada 3-20-08

Decadence 5 Lineup, Guvernment, Toronto  

Quick note on the Guvernment for those who haven’t been.  This place is fuckin massive.  It’s like your rich friend’s dad’s house in the suburbs – you know the one with the white columns.  Just obscene.   Place totally has a megaplex feel, with 5 separate but intertwining rooms, each has a distinct theme and feel – from the mid-sized main Guvernment room, to the plush Drink room, to the MASSIVE stadium sized Kool-Haus, and a lineup of quality international DJs in each.  I managed to work the schedule pretty nicely and got a good mix of reviews.  Also managed to meet some nice Canadians eh.  Yall sure sound funny, but the 19 years old to drink policy?  Shit, I’m moving!

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Artist Reviews and Videos

TEAM CANADA  – Guvernment Room


Caaanadaaaa, fuck yea!  These guys are the masters of the mashup.  Intertwining pop-smash hits with heavy loaded bass– all the while showcasing some scratching and vocal drops. 



Bucketheads – The Bomb, Lady – Modjo, Red Hot Chilli Peppers – By The Way,  Ray Orbison – Pretty Woman,  Michael Jackson – Thriller, The Outhere Brothers – Boom Boom Boom, Peter Bjorn & John – Young Folks and The FUCKING Sesame Street Theme!  Holy Shit!



DJ AM – Guvernment Room

Now I have to give some back history on DJ AM.  This guy is super hyped.  I mean just over-hyped.  So when I saw him on the bill, I was waiting for some disappointing commercial pop-bullshit.  Oh lord was I WRONG.  AM stole the fuckin show, and I’m officially his newest biggest fan.  Seemless flow from electro to party music, back and forth the whole set he really controlled the flow.  And he’s the first electronic DJ I’ve EVER heard do 2-3 tracks of the same artist in a row.  Unheard of!  A couple carefully placed smoke machine drops and the place was going crazy. 

Tracklist: Opened with Justice-Genesis followed by Justice-Dance, then a really hard mash of Kanye West – Work It and something else.  Next Daft Punk – Human After all with some crazy smoke machine action.  Back to back Daft again with – Oh Yeah, then LCD Soundsystem – Innocuous (Soulwax RMX) into Crystal Waters – Gypsy Woman.  And that was just the intro!  Some other standouts – Funky Town, DVNO, Thrillers EP, Mr. Oizo-Flat Beat, Justice – Let There Be Light, Do It Now (DIM Mix), Daft Punk– Around the World, some crazy Sebastian Remix, Gossip – Standing in the Way of Control.  And more…can’t wait for this mofo to get to the U.S.  Yea that and Nicole Richie is pretty hot too!





Take me back to when I was 18 and cracking yellow and blue glowsticks, and that was how I first got into Blank and Jones.  Fast forward 10 years and not too much has changed.  Epic trance anthems and the tweaker crowd who loves it.  Deutchland meet Toronto!




MSTRKRFT – Guvernment Room


I’m as big a MSTRKRFT fan as anyone else.  I mean who can NOT love the thick molester staches those guys rock.  Oh and yeah, let’s not forget they are one of the most progressive electronic groups in existence right now.  Was really looking forward to hearing some new music from this Canadian duo, but was kind of disappointed.  They didn’t really come out of their formula.  Very big room sounding and very ravey.  I would have expected more, but then again, I can barely tie my own shoelaces without the help of Velcro.  Let me recant – they rocked it, but their new songs weren’t exceptional.   Cmon Guys! 


Tracklist: (that I was able to ID) 2 popular French house songs then MSTRKRFT – Easy Love, Work on You, Neon Knights, Street Justice (MSTRKRFT RMX), Kylie Minogue – Wow (MSTRKRFT Mix) and some new stuff toward the end.  Closed out with Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You.  Not bad.






I’ve heard so many things about this group.  “Kindav of like GOA with guitars”. “Hippies meet Ravers”.  “The next BIG thing”.  “Killer”.  Shit with all that hype I was pretty excited to check them out.  And damn, I was impressed.   These guys do a live performance comprised of live guitar (with heavy effects) singer, drummer, and DJ keeping the flow – it was non-stop high BPM, big room acidy techno new wave rock. I was mesmerized how they covered Depeche Mode – Personal Jesus.  And the crowd was going NUTS.  They were either all on X or these guys are really good.  Actually am pretty sure it was a combination of both.  No other way to describe it, so just watch the video.  




BOYS NOIZE – Guvernment Room


This guy has the best unibrow on the planet. He also has one of the best labels on the planet.  Are they interrelated?  Not really.  I know b/c my unibrow hasn’t led me to any musical inspiration as of late.  All joking aside, Alexander Ridha has been taking the world by storm with his noisecore style of electro.  He doesn’t even try melodies.  Each track is like an AK-47 shooting out bass rhythms, and just when you think it’s about to let up, he cranks it up a notch.  YeahhYuhhhh!!  Sadly I only got to hear his intro song, but like expected, it banged!


Toronto – we shall meet again!




One response

30 03 2008
Raquel Richards

What an insightfull full on review and with video!
Thanks for the props at the beginning of your review and as I said when you’re in the T-dot (Toronto) again hit me up for an event at The Guvernment if i’m hosting it or even at Footwork (I’m there when Deko-ze plays or for CZ (

See you on the dancefloor!
Miss Raquel

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