Modeselektor @ Studio B, NYC 03-21-08 | Review

27 03 2008

Didn’t make it out to this show – I was stuck in BUFFALO of all places. But thankfully my friend Mike from TheMusic.FM was there along with Kristin Showtrotta.  They got the full scoop, and shit it looked like an ill party. 

BIO (taken from Last.FM)


Modeselektor are Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary. Both grew up in Germany but did not meet until 1993 when Bronsert started visiting Szary’s illegal acid-house parties in Berlin after which the duo released several tracks under the name Fundamental Knowledge.

In 1996 they changed their name to Modeselektor, apparently taking the name from a function on ‘Space Echo’ effects units. In 2000 they met Ellen Allien and a year later had their first release on her Bpitch Control label. The duo released their debut album on BPC in September 2005 after a series of 12″ releases.

Modeselektor are also involved in several audio/visual projects and have remixed, and been remixed by a variety of artists.

They are currently recording a follow-up album entitled ‘Happy Birthday’, featuring many collaborations such as Thom Yorke of Radiohead fame.

They list Richard D. James (under his various guises) among their greatest influences.


Check out the full review at TheMusic.FM here and below for the redux:

Modeselektor played an energetic set Friday night at Studio B in Brooklyn, filling the club to near-capacity. The German duo dropped and manipulated many kinds of unique electronic beats, including their own tracks, touching upon electro, dubstep, hip hop, and much genre-defying material in between.

They handed out CDs and beers to the fans in the front. And, during musical climaxes, Gernot Bronsert soaked these fans with two shaken-up bottles of champagne (video of each!) and–when it was devoid of alcohol–with the remaining water and ice in their cooler (making for even more fun video).

Here’s more of our photos and video:

Modeselektor @ Studio B, NYC

Crowd @ Studio B, Modeselektor




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