Bobmo Fan Club! Institubes Terror Tour @ Studio B, NYC 03-27-08 | Review

28 03 2008

who loves Bobmo..I DO I DO.  and so does Busy Kristin.  And so do our friends at LOL Catz!  We HAZ U! 

Bobmo LOL Catz! 

In all seriousness, despite a relatively sparse crowd (thank you WMC), Cut NYC tonite highlighted an up and coming talent – Bobmo  – a 17 year old waify number who makes up for small age with BIG SOUND.  Being groomed by the likes of Para One and Surkin may be second hand nature to the Institubes family, but one which will pay dividends to this youngster.  I should speak for all of us when I say looking forward to his future releases.  “TO THE BOBMOBILE!” 

Let’s take a look at some more photos and videos from tonite.

Cut NYC Logo - Studio B - Institubes Tour

Cut NYC Logo - Studio B - Institubes Terror Tour

Crowd @ Studio B - Institubes Terror Tour

Live Animoto Photo Gallery Show | featuring Bobmo, Para-One, Surkin 

Audio | Bobmo – To The Bobmobile

Bobmo’s Set – Video #1 – Foals – Hummer (Surkin Mix)

Bobmo’s Set – Video #2 – Unknown Track – Please ID

Para One’s Set – Video #1 – Boys Noize – My Head (Para One Mix) into Unknown Track

Para One’s Set – Video #2 – Unknown Track – Need ID

Surkin’s Set – Video #1 – Daft Punk – Television Rules the Nation into Smith N Hack – Space Warrior

Surkin’s Set – Video #2 – Billy Ocean – Loverboy




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