Adam Freeland @ Le Royale, NYC – 02-28-08 | REVIEW

2 04 2008

Headed to Le Royale after the SMD show to get more of a thrashing from the master of the breakbeat & as of late, electro-beat, Mr. Adam Freeland. 

Adam Freeland - Silverlake Pills

For anyone that doesn’t know Adam, check his bio, as he’s been at the top of his game for the last 10 years and continues to headline parties all over the world. He recently did a mix for Global Underground called Live at Mexico which really showcases his recent style.  Luckily for us, Adam may be moving stateside which means we may be hearing more from him in the future.

We got there around 1245ish to the opener playing a mix of commercial party classics ala Prince, Daft Punk, & Michael Jackson mash-ups, successfully warming up the crowd.  At about 1am, the music switched styles and we were immediately hit with two hours of flawlessly intertwined Freeland breaks, techno & electro driving everyone to a climatic tizzy.

At the end of his set, I asked Adam how he liked playing New York, and heard nothing by positive comments.  Yet another class act in the electronic community.

Check below for some video and picture coverage from the night. Unfortunately Le Royale has really dark lighting so the vids aren’t great.  Buuut, if you look real close, I caught Adam having a good time and sticking out his tongue at me.  Ha Ha.  I got punk’d.  -Cheers.

Adam Freeland at Le Royale

Justice – Genesis 

Unknown Track – Please ID 


Unknown Track – Please ID 

Side Note:  Also ran into Nicky Digital snapping up photos of the crowd.  Nicky is tops in the photo scene and has a great eye for capturing what really happens in nightclubs when the lights are flashing! Be sure to check out his site and some of his pics.



Nicky Digital Pics





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