Simian Mobile Disco @ The Museum Of Natural History, NYC 02-28-08 | REVIEW

2 04 2008


Flashing cameras and fist pumps – a rather rare combination at New York City’s storied Museum of Natural History, but thanks to Flavorpill’s monthly One Step Beyond parties, we come away with one of the most painfully fun events of the season. 

As for Simian Mobile Disco night, if you were one of the lucky ones able to maneuver the seemingly endless line to line (yes entry to coat check to bar) with MacGuyver-like fashion, the end result was actually an unbelievable musical experience.  But beware when music crowd meets museum crowd — one step in the wrong direction and you can end up in planetarium hell like our friend Kristin – Showtrotta.

Mike and I got there fashionably late and were greeted with a very fashionably late present — complete capacity crowd and all the mayhem that goes along with it.  Ran into Mohan and friend on the line & proceeded to wait and wait and wait to get in.  Thankfully to our friend “the backpocket flask,” the time felt like it went rather quickly. 

SMD_Museum of Natural History

Finally walked in to SMD cranking their main set.  The party was held in the planetarium room, which had a really large & awesome dance space fully equipped with large spaceship like speakers & little kiosks for learning about the universe in case Simian wasn’t blowing your mind enough.  Mike and I navigated around the right side of the floor with stealth & determination to get to the unruly middle pit, (side note: our mission to the middle kinda felt like a navy seals ops – complete with hand signals and what not)  and like all determined soldiers we finally made it & thankfully so. 

From that point on we were greeted with 1 hr of non-stop beat blasting, bass tweaking goodness from SMD (James Ford and Jas Shaw) and a lightshow to boot.  See my crazy wobbly vids below to prove the madness. 

SMD_Museum of Natural History

Track IDs included: Sleep Deprivation, Hustler, The Beat, I Believe and many more from their album.

One finished, SMD were coaxed back on stage by the rabid fans for an encore.  The final 10 minutes were so tweaked up, I was hardly able to do anything but join the crowd and party to the finale!

SMD_Museum of Natural History

Overall, despite the unruly line logistics, I would rate this as a top 5 party of 2008 in terms of overall music experience.  Am looking forward to the next One Step Beyond party featuring Matthew Dear on April 25th. Tickets are already on sale, so be sure to snatch them before this event sells out.

Oh and on another side note: Mike, Niko & I ran into SMD just hanging ou in the hallway after their set & chatted them up.  They are 2 great guys, always excited to be playing in New York.  Hopefully they will come around more often.

 Ok enough of me talking: check the below for video coverage of the party – Paul (ThumpThump)

Simian Mobile Disco – System

Simian Mobile Disco – It’s The Beat

Simian Mobile Disco – I Believe




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