L Magazine – Ad of the Week

7 04 2008

Since this is a relatively new blog, I still have the creative freedom to try new things without recourse.  And with that, I am introducing the “L Magazine – Ad of the Week” section. 

L Magazine Logo

L Magazine is a local weekly NYC events and culture based digest that seems to always feature a borderline pornographic ad somewhere within the issue.  And me being the pervert that I am, always takes notice. 

So for the first installment, I offer 3 ads, and three really hot chicks – enjoy & comment away.  — Paul


March 26th-April 8th | Dirty New York Issue

This reminds me of that old doublemint gum commercial.  Double the pleasure double the fun.  Well how about we triple the fun with this sleazy American Apparel Ad.  w00t!

L Mag - Dirty New York Issue

March 19th-March 25th | The Money Issue

Well well well – look at Mavi jumping in the fray with this somewhat provacative ad.  There’s not much skin showing, but still give it a thumbs up on the perv-o-meter.

L Mag - The Money Issue

Feb 13th-Feb 26th | Love Is It Worth It? Issue

Ok, I was def. the first of my friends to go gaga over one-pieces.  And even though they are kinda 2007, they are still ridiculously hot! Case in point see below.  PS: Note to any of my female friends – please please please do not let me catch you in one of these — things might get….awkward.

L Mag - Love Is It Worth It Issue




One response

8 04 2008

I love me some american apparel ads! <3_<3 …

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