MiniTek | New York’s First Electronic Music Festival?

22 05 2008

Well it’s like someone has been tapping into our conversations.  About 3 months ago we were asking why the hell New York “the nitelife capital of the world” doesn’t have an electronic dance festival.  I mean cmon – Miami has one. Detroit.  Los Angeles.  But not us.  WTF?!?

Welcome MiniTek.  A minimal techno focused music festival the likes of which we haven’t seen since the rave days.  If you can remember Park Rave Madness, Uptown Underground & Brooklyn Zoo you know what I’m talking about.  In the meantime, minimal has become real popular with the underground music circles here in Manhattan driven by the likes of groups Minimoo, ReSolute, BLK Market Membership, LESS, and the Bunker to name a few.  The culmination of which could be a really effin good music fest come September.  Come out and support.  Success means it can only be bigger better and broader next year.  — Paul [EV-11]


Details are still forthcoming, but here’s what we know so far… minitek will run September 12-14, ticket presales start June 2, and the lineup, with more to be announced, is shaping up to be damn good.

Richie Hawtin
Marco Carola
Guy Gerber
Troy Pierce
Martin Buttrich
Paco Osuna
Konrad Black
Guido Schneider
Davide Squillace
Paul Ritch

Here is the official website for more infomation.


L Magazine Ads of the Month – April

22 05 2008

Yet another monthly roundup of the filthy sleezy but oh so obnoxioulsy appealing back cover L Magazine ads. 

L Magazine Header

April 9th – April 15th | The Sports Issue

Wow, a sports issue.  I figured I’d turn to the back and see a bunch of chicks wearing baseball uniforms.  Man was I wrong.

L Magazine Ads

April 16th – April 22nd | War on Film Issue

This girl is making shapes with her body.  I think this one is an upside down L.  Sizzling!

L Magazine Ads

April 23rd – May 6th | The Bands Issue

Hmm weren’t Unitards were last month.  Yea but honstly who cares.  I wish they were every month. 

L Magazine Ads 

Video | Justice – Stress

6 05 2008

I honestly couldn’t stop watching this video.  By way of GBH.TV

“Holy McJesus. Well, we got what we asked for. “Stress” was the promo and video we were waiting for, secretly hoping it would be the biggest of them all.

And it’s definitely going to be the most infamous. Romain Gavras’s video is going to be the “Smack My Bitch Up” of 2008, one of the most divisive and well-made videos of all time. You’ve been warned. ”

Geek Flow Chart

6 05 2008

Every musician has a little geek in ’em.  Thx to Showtrotta for sending and Technabob for hosting. Original image posted on NewYork today May 6th.

Geek Flowchart

 You can view the full chart here.