Sebastian Tellier – Hiro, NYC REVIEW | The man, the myth, the beard!

31 07 2008

Its officially the french takeover! I can guarantee you that everyone that went to this show last nite officially wants a silver jacket with matching tight white pants and a beard.  Shit I want 2.  Tellier tore down the French-o-clots ™ with about 60 minutes of sex, sleeze and and plain old wackiness to a packed house of euros and americo-euros alike at the Hiro Ballroom, NYC.  The night was all smiles for the band as they went through their set list starting with Sexual Sportswear, on to Kilometer and down the line.  Although Telliers’ strong stage presence could be felt by the entire audience (and especially the microphone he fellatio’ed throught the set) his band accompaniment was also quite impressive.  Even I was mesmerized to the point I felt to need to almost just on stage and have a mini-freak out. 

I’m gunna give this nite 2 french thumbs up.  Check the vids courtesy of Mike over at TheMusic.FM.  Sit down, dim the lights, and get ready for some softcore porn music making!

Opening track – Sexual Sportwear – damn that silver jacket is fuckin sweet!

This is great.  Peep the microphone thrusting & crotch grabbing dance moves mid-vid.  I gotta say am very impressed.

Tellier ranting and raving about zee cheeeeckkkaann sandwhich and other stuff.  If you can make sense of it, your either the man…or french. =) 

Props again to TheMusic.FM for the footage and GBH for the booking!


52 Hours in Montreal | Review

31 07 2008


Montreal montreal – oh how I miss thee – let me count the ways 

1)      Vagitron

2)      Turbocrunk

3)      Peer Pressure

4)      I Heart Neon

5)      Le Piknic Electronik

6)      MEG Festival

7)      Osheaga Festival

8.)      Late nite poutin!

My producer G.I and I commenced a whirlwind tour of Montreal to see what the hype was about last weekend.  There’s much to say and we weren’t disappointed.  Despite the music, drinks and debauchery – we came back in one piece.  Make sure to check out the ThumpThump ReNix Guide to Montreal at the bottom of this post. Also big ups to my electro partner in crime Showtrotta for her mini-guide (peep the lower-lefthand sidelinks) and MTL Muxtape before the trip.  – Paul Le Paul


Arrived Friday nite – it was Francofolies weekend, so every Pierre Antoine, Claudia and Jean-Luc was up in the city Frenching out…quickly navigated to St Denis street (apparently pronounced Denee) for a couple pints at a packed open air terrace bar.  These terraces (we called them “tear asses” b/c of the European b.o smell) seem to be popular with the tight pants crowd.  Hit up a couple more locals before finding out about the Vagitron party.  Pissed we missed it – Jordan Dare was his thang.

Saturday there was more Laa Franching all over the place.  We were sure not to get in the middle of it so headed to the Plateau district, which is more like our beloved East Village spilling funky shops and boutiques.  We met a lovely young lady at a clothing boutique who gave us the scoop on the local parties.  GREAAAT SUCCESS! Did the rounds down St. Laurent, hit up some shops, grabbed a few pints and napped before the evening’s festivities at Gogo’s (cmon for stinger shots only – see below), then Coda, Blue Dog & Blizzart for the MTL electro goodness we’ve heard so much about…Stumbled home about 4am with a electro smile on my face.

Sunday we hit up a Tim Hortons (basically a Canadian wanna be Dunkin Donuts) but had to do it.  Then made it to the suburbs of Lavalle to visit some friends.  Nothing major to report  – kinda like Central Jersey strip mall action – even tho Manny swore up and down it was “up and coming Montreal #2”.  After the drop off, we attempted Le Piknic Electronik, which is basically like PS1, Summerstage and Water Taxi Beach all combined, but still way cooler.  It’s a massive summer weekly outdoor DJ concert in a major park – best thing is they allow BYOB alcohol which automatically makes this better than any NY parks party.  Sadly it started raining so didn’t make it.

Time to hit the road officially back to homebase.  After all that, the ride sure tested our limits and ability to stay awake w/o Red Bull or Sparks (drink at yor own risk).  60 minutes at the border and we had forgotten to shave our beards and/or take showers.  Sure to be profiled, but the border guard seems to take a liking to G.I.  Went right through, blasting 6 more hours of electro on the stereo.  In typical fashion, went home straight to check this week’s party schedule to do it all over again.  YeaYuhh!

Overall, Montreal is A LOT like New York – diverse people, nightlife with a range of things to do.  You can find what you want and when you want it.  However despite their uber liberalness, just like NYC, they too are subject to big city nonsense.  Bottle service is creeping into all the bars/clubs.  No smoking indoors has been implemented.  Supposedly there is a major crackdown on any “fun” music club.  Hmm sounds familiar Mr. Giuliani.  And their B&T crowds the streets on weekends like whoa!  But evenso, I still totally ‘eart Montreal.  Great music and less popped collared yuppies than NYC.  Now that we know the dilly, next trip will be better planned.  May even get a loft share – 4-8 weeks and do our thang up north for a minute.  Holler!!



Places to go with good music & vibe – Bars/Clubs

1)      Coda4119 St. Laurent

2)      Blue Dog3958 St. Laurent

3)      Blizzart3956a St. Laurent

4)      Jupiter Room3874 St. Laurent

5)      Circus (afterhoure) – 917 St. Catherine East

6)      Stereo (afterhours) – 858 St. Catherine East

7)      Random Loft parties (wow – are we in Brooklyn again?)


Streets / Areas to walk around

1)      Parc Ave

2)      Mont Royale

3)      Upper St Laurent

4)      St Denis

5)      Rue Sherbrooke

6)      Park X – supposedly the ghetto.  Looked more like Staten Island to me, but had an interesting feel.


Other goodies:

1)      Paul’s Boutique – 112 Mont-Royal E – Sweet used vinyl record store and borderline crazy owner 

2)      Inbeat Records Store – 3814 St. Laurent – Amazing dance records & great for party flyers

3)      Moog Audio – 3828 St. Laurent – Music equipment & gadgets out the ass

4)      Laika coffee – 4040 St. Laurent – Coffee shop w/live djs

5)      Goodfoot – 3830 St. Laurent  – ill sneaker shop for le limited edition kicks

6)      Parc Jeanne Mance – Sundays for the impromptu bongo dance parties  (off Parc Ave)

7)      McGill University students – peeps know how to get down

8.)      Old Montreal – down near the port if you’re feeling all architecturally nostalgic

9)      Montreal Expos caps

10)   Strip Clubs – we didn’t go to any, but they are bountiful and heard they are tha shizzle 


No Go’s 




1) St. Catherine Street – unless you’re a tourist or played one on TV




2) Canadian pizza – immediately pass on this option

3) Middle and lower St. Laurent Street – worse than Hoboken.  Skip it. 

4) Stingers – popular canadian shots (Brandy, Crème De Menthe & Tabasco Sauce) – guaranteed hangover central

5) Euromullets – every mofo had one of these.  I wanted to vomit.  Welcome to 2006 people. 


If you’re Montrealian and reading this post, you know it’s pretty accurate. If not, let me hear about it.  Oh, and I also want to big up this party happening THIS WEEKEND – MEG FESTIVAL DAYAM!


Machines Don’t Care up in da Blogoclots!

22 07 2008

Holy SUPERGROUP Batman!  Normally when I start seeing a dj artist in every single mixtape getting released, its a good sign, but this was def a surprise. 

Months or two ago, I got an oddly short mix of these guys.  13 min.  Listened to it and thought it was banging enough to put on the cell phone mp3 player (yea that’s my special place).  Month later, they are everywhere.  Bangin analog fidget wobble house.  I look them up and find Machines Dont Care is a fawkin who’s who of electro Supergroup w/ DETBOI, DROP THE LIME, FAKEBLOOD, HERVE, TREVOR LOVEYS, SINDEN, TODDLA T, AFFIE YUSUF each collaborating for an 11 track superalbum!   That list gives me wood.  Anyway – check out their myspace for more info and samples.  Album out now. 

Click here for the 13 minute mini-mix (zshare)

track list for machines dont care album

1. afro jacker (herve and sinden)
2. beat bang (herve and trevor loveys)
3. drop it to the floor (herve, sinden and fake blood)
4. badman (herve, toddla t and serocee)
5. spycatcher (herve and drop the lime)
6. jugs (sinden and detboi)
7. trouble on the floor (trevor loveys and fake blood)
8. on a roll man (herve, trevor loveys and affie yusef)
9. junk (herve and trevor loveys)
10. how ya’ll like me now (detboi and toddla t)
11. soundboy massive (herve and detboi)

Crushing on the Acid Girls, DJ Riton & Congorock

17 07 2008

It’s weird.  We all have our specific super niche genres we are all obsessed with.  It’s the stuff you talk about with friends only to get reactions like – dude, that doesnt exist, or bro, you’re weird…well f dat – my super sub-genre in particular is straight walloping analog electro techno with 90’s style 303s and sirens and sweeps in the background.  Maybe old Space Girl mixed with Nostrum and a little Carl Cox.  I thought there was no way in hell I’d ever hear that old school combo ever produced again given the sophistication of today’s equipment…praying and searching……CUT TO ACID GIRLS!  Their first mixtape Sillynacht got me so hooked on this group I couldn’t wait to their next installment. 

And about 1 month ago, the perfect storm of electro techno was brought to my ears.  Enter Acid Girls, DJ Riton, & Congorock….These 3 artist groups have me banging my head against my keyboard daily with the freshness most forward electro out right now.  Forget fidget, disco and grime – if you just wanna go back to that 90s feeling of simple banging electronic music just check these groups out and be aurally satisfied. 

ACID GIRLS – Myspace

No Love Lost Mixtape (via zshare) – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Sillynacht Mixtape (rt click for DL)



If you can get your hands on Call It Love (Congorock Remix) then you probably have popped an electro boner already.  If not, you can find it on this “His Majesty Andre” mixtape.

It’s track number 09.  Here is the track listing along with some other good jams [01. Marc-Antoine Charpentier – “Te-Deum (Preludio)”, 02. Santos – “3-2-1-Fire!”, 03. The Count of Monte Cristal – “My Condition”, 04. Andy George – “Big Dipper (HiJack Remix)”, 05. Lethal Bizzle – “Selfridges Girl (Boy 8-Bit)”, 06. Larry Tee – “I Love You (Bart B-More Secured Dub)”, 07. The Count of Monte Cristal – “B-More Forward”, 08. Basement Jaxx – “Jump’n’Shout”, 09. ? – “Call It love (Congorock Remix)”, 10. His Majesty Andre – “Girrrl”, 11. Crookers – “Lollipop”, 12. Mystery Jets – “Hideaway (Switch Remix/Diplo Edit)”, 13. Jaymo – “Tuned in Live”, 14. Idiotproof – “The Deacon (Duke Dumont Remix)”, 15. Congorock – “Runark (His Majesty Andre’s Growl Remix)”, 16. The Count of Monte Cristal – “Bounce That Ass”, 17. Detboi – “Gunshot Lean Forward (Andy George & Jak-Z Remix)”, 18. Dizzee Rascal – “Flex (Dave Spoon Remix)”, 19. Nic Sarno – “Hot Jack (Congorock Energy Remix)”, 20. Thomas Bangalter – “What To Do”, 21. The Squatters Feat. MC Duke – “Bring Back The Duck”, 22. Filth & Splender – “Tomorrows World (Jaymo’s Midnight Murder Mix)”, 23. His Majesty Andre – “ROXXX”, 24. TTC – “Dans Le Club (Instrumental)” / Busta Rhymes & Mariah Carey – “I Know What You Want”]

DJ RITON – Myspace – pic by way of Resident Advisor

Sonny J – \”Enfant\” (Riton Rerub) by way of Palms Out

L Magazine Ads of the Month | June

16 07 2008

L Magazine Header

More seductive aka slutty ads from L Magazine’s back pages.  Rounding out June’s installment of Ads of the Month.

June 11th – June 17th | The DIY Issue

Calling all hippy chicks.  Please stop what you are doing and immediately cut out a shirt design from mom’s kitchen tablecloth.  And make it hot looking. 

June 18th – July 1st | Summer Book Preview

Ahh I can finally live out my 2 dogs and a girl fantasy.  Errr what?

July 2nd – July 8th | The Games Issue

Put me on this team asap – Hut hut…HIKE! 


Sebastian Tellier | Live at Hiro Ballroom, NYC | Wed July 30, 2008

16 07 2008

Holy LAAAA FRANNNSSSHHH attack! Sebastian Tellier, aka French 2008 Eurovision song contest representative, aaaaand my personal inspiration to grow a super sleezed out beard, is doing a live show here in NYC.  Man, we’ve been wigging out about this guy for a while, but it’s got even worse since we saw his video “Divine” shown below.

Sebastian Tellier – Divine

Despite having a reputation of 70s sex inspired electro jams, a little look into his bio and you’ll quickly see there’s alot more to Tellier than a rad ass hairstyle and leisure suits.  Read up here, and don’t forget to check the party being thrown by our friends at GBH on Wednesday July 30th at Hiro Ballroom in Manhattan NYC.  Grab some advanced tickets – This is be a good one!

Zombie Nation samples Commodore 64 | Tonite @ Studio B, NYC

5 07 2008

Yes yes – Zombie Nation of Kernkraft 400 fame.  We’ve all heard it, sung it, loved it, then hated it simultaneously. 

HOWEVER – I’m NOT gunna write a post bashing ZN, because in all reality I really like the band.  Behind the Zombie alias, and also producing under alternate alias John Starlight and Splank, is german based Florian Senfter.  Having released over 50 tracks including remixes for Ladytron, I-F, Headman and most recently the Presets, Florian is quite far from the one hit wonder the masses belive him to be.  Segueing between dj sets and live performances with real hardware, I’m looking forward to a set like this one..filty german techno

Also little known fact – in a somewhat recent interview Florian went so far as to say he wished Kernkraft never reached the level of success it has because it has hampered his name.  How’s THAT for musical integrity!  Shit I went to a show in NY about a year ago and it was like a ghost town – why..? b/c all NY people know is Kernkraft400 – and not the artist behind the song.  Sad.

Anywho – will leave you with yet another interesting finding. Even the most successful tracks are based off odd samples.  And shit they are really great until SOMEONE spills the beans.  Check this one – Kernkraft is ACTUALLY a direct loop off of David Whittaker’s intro to the Commodore 64 game Lazy Jones.  First Daft Punk, then Kanye West, now Zombie Nation.  My electronic world is crumbling. 

Oh yea, I should probably post info for the party tonite.  Opening is Poni Hoax, w/ Zombie Nation and special guest DJ Riton who is nothing less than banging.   One of the most talented electro up and comers…watch out.  Should be a great nite !