Daft Punk | Live at Further 1996 | Before They Were DA SHIZNIT

4 07 2008

Daft Punk Costumes

Everybody loves Daft Punk right?  I mean cmon, they are the “xyz” of the “xyz” movement.  You fill in the blanks.  Well everybody’s most lovable electronic robots just got even cooler.  Having been doing some recent cyber sleuthing for record samples brought me to a really awesome video showcasing Daft Punk’s first US Appearance in 1996.  Below you will see their original live PA taken place at rave called “Even Furthur” in Wisconsin.  You can also see a link to the original flyer pitting Daft on the bill alongside edm music masters Frankie Bones, Scott Hardkiss, Woody McBride & more.  The full video is only hosted on Google so probably why still a hidden gem.  Thank you to The Daily Swarm for posting.   

The real cool thing to note here is the video was shot in 1996, almost a full year before their first album Homework was released in March of 1997.   If you listen closely you will hear elements and basslines of a bunch of their originals waaaayy before they were mixed down into todays classics.  Enjoy this – I sure did.

Thomas Bangalter (Daft Punk) Live PA at Even Further, Wisconsin, 1996

Even Further 1996 Flyer

Daft Punk at Even Further Wisconsin

(Click here to see a larger picture)




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21 09 2008
Bookmarks about Punk

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17 04 2009

I was there. 🙂

8 01 2012
jeffrey baughman

I was there as well. One of the most amazing weekends of my life!

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