Zombie Nation samples Commodore 64 | Tonite @ Studio B, NYC

5 07 2008

Yes yes – Zombie Nation of Kernkraft 400 fame.  We’ve all heard it, sung it, loved it, then hated it simultaneously. 

HOWEVER – I’m NOT gunna write a post bashing ZN, because in all reality I really like the band.  Behind the Zombie alias, and also producing under alternate alias John Starlight and Splank, is german based Florian Senfter.  Having released over 50 tracks including remixes for Ladytron, I-F, Headman and most recently the Presets, Florian is quite far from the one hit wonder the masses belive him to be.  Segueing between dj sets and live performances with real hardware, I’m looking forward to a set like this one..filty german techno

Also little known fact – in a somewhat recent interview Florian went so far as to say he wished Kernkraft never reached the level of success it has because it has hampered his name.  How’s THAT for musical integrity!  Shit I went to a show in NY about a year ago and it was like a ghost town – why..? b/c all NY people know is Kernkraft400 – and not the artist behind the song.  Sad.

Anywho – will leave you with yet another interesting finding. Even the most successful tracks are based off odd samples.  And shit they are really great until SOMEONE spills the beans.  Check this one – Kernkraft is ACTUALLY a direct loop off of David Whittaker’s intro to the Commodore 64 game Lazy Jones.  First Daft Punk, then Kanye West, now Zombie Nation.  My electronic world is crumbling. 

Oh yea, I should probably post info for the party tonite.  Opening is Poni Hoax, w/ Zombie Nation and special guest DJ Riton who is nothing less than banging.   One of the most talented electro up and comers…watch out.  Should be a great nite !




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