Crushing on the Acid Girls, DJ Riton & Congorock

17 07 2008

It’s weird.  We all have our specific super niche genres we are all obsessed with.  It’s the stuff you talk about with friends only to get reactions like – dude, that doesnt exist, or bro, you’re weird…well f dat – my super sub-genre in particular is straight walloping analog electro techno with 90’s style 303s and sirens and sweeps in the background.  Maybe old Space Girl mixed with Nostrum and a little Carl Cox.  I thought there was no way in hell I’d ever hear that old school combo ever produced again given the sophistication of today’s equipment…praying and searching……CUT TO ACID GIRLS!  Their first mixtape Sillynacht got me so hooked on this group I couldn’t wait to their next installment. 

And about 1 month ago, the perfect storm of electro techno was brought to my ears.  Enter Acid Girls, DJ Riton, & Congorock….These 3 artist groups have me banging my head against my keyboard daily with the freshness most forward electro out right now.  Forget fidget, disco and grime – if you just wanna go back to that 90s feeling of simple banging electronic music just check these groups out and be aurally satisfied. 

ACID GIRLS – Myspace

No Love Lost Mixtape (via zshare) – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Sillynacht Mixtape (rt click for DL)



If you can get your hands on Call It Love (Congorock Remix) then you probably have popped an electro boner already.  If not, you can find it on this “His Majesty Andre” mixtape.

It’s track number 09.  Here is the track listing along with some other good jams [01. Marc-Antoine Charpentier – “Te-Deum (Preludio)”, 02. Santos – “3-2-1-Fire!”, 03. The Count of Monte Cristal – “My Condition”, 04. Andy George – “Big Dipper (HiJack Remix)”, 05. Lethal Bizzle – “Selfridges Girl (Boy 8-Bit)”, 06. Larry Tee – “I Love You (Bart B-More Secured Dub)”, 07. The Count of Monte Cristal – “B-More Forward”, 08. Basement Jaxx – “Jump’n’Shout”, 09. ? – “Call It love (Congorock Remix)”, 10. His Majesty Andre – “Girrrl”, 11. Crookers – “Lollipop”, 12. Mystery Jets – “Hideaway (Switch Remix/Diplo Edit)”, 13. Jaymo – “Tuned in Live”, 14. Idiotproof – “The Deacon (Duke Dumont Remix)”, 15. Congorock – “Runark (His Majesty Andre’s Growl Remix)”, 16. The Count of Monte Cristal – “Bounce That Ass”, 17. Detboi – “Gunshot Lean Forward (Andy George & Jak-Z Remix)”, 18. Dizzee Rascal – “Flex (Dave Spoon Remix)”, 19. Nic Sarno – “Hot Jack (Congorock Energy Remix)”, 20. Thomas Bangalter – “What To Do”, 21. The Squatters Feat. MC Duke – “Bring Back The Duck”, 22. Filth & Splender – “Tomorrows World (Jaymo’s Midnight Murder Mix)”, 23. His Majesty Andre – “ROXXX”, 24. TTC – “Dans Le Club (Instrumental)” / Busta Rhymes & Mariah Carey – “I Know What You Want”]

DJ RITON – Myspace – pic by way of Resident Advisor

Sonny J – \”Enfant\” (Riton Rerub) by way of Palms Out




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