Machines Don’t Care up in da Blogoclots!

22 07 2008

Holy SUPERGROUP Batman!  Normally when I start seeing a dj artist in every single mixtape getting released, its a good sign, but this was def a surprise. 

Months or two ago, I got an oddly short mix of these guys.  13 min.  Listened to it and thought it was banging enough to put on the cell phone mp3 player (yea that’s my special place).  Month later, they are everywhere.  Bangin analog fidget wobble house.  I look them up and find Machines Dont Care is a fawkin who’s who of electro Supergroup w/ DETBOI, DROP THE LIME, FAKEBLOOD, HERVE, TREVOR LOVEYS, SINDEN, TODDLA T, AFFIE YUSUF each collaborating for an 11 track superalbum!   That list gives me wood.  Anyway – check out their myspace for more info and samples.  Album out now. 

Click here for the 13 minute mini-mix (zshare)

track list for machines dont care album

1. afro jacker (herve and sinden)
2. beat bang (herve and trevor loveys)
3. drop it to the floor (herve, sinden and fake blood)
4. badman (herve, toddla t and serocee)
5. spycatcher (herve and drop the lime)
6. jugs (sinden and detboi)
7. trouble on the floor (trevor loveys and fake blood)
8. on a roll man (herve, trevor loveys and affie yusef)
9. junk (herve and trevor loveys)
10. how ya’ll like me now (detboi and toddla t)
11. soundboy massive (herve and detboi)




2 responses

25 07 2008

Yo bigg ups on finding that mix. Its like a ton of my favorite artists all in one page.

15 09 2008
tehdd reagan and saleem yosser

super siick bad muther fucker them guys no?!?

on a roll is just plain DUMB =))))))
affie has made lots of shit u know with loveys – good to see the boys back and killin it

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