Sebastian Tellier – Hiro, NYC REVIEW | The man, the myth, the beard!

31 07 2008

Its officially the french takeover! I can guarantee you that everyone that went to this show last nite officially wants a silver jacket with matching tight white pants and a beard.  Shit I want 2.  Tellier tore down the French-o-clots ™ with about 60 minutes of sex, sleeze and and plain old wackiness to a packed house of euros and americo-euros alike at the Hiro Ballroom, NYC.  The night was all smiles for the band as they went through their set list starting with Sexual Sportswear, on to Kilometer and down the line.  Although Telliers’ strong stage presence could be felt by the entire audience (and especially the microphone he fellatio’ed throught the set) his band accompaniment was also quite impressive.  Even I was mesmerized to the point I felt to need to almost just on stage and have a mini-freak out. 

I’m gunna give this nite 2 french thumbs up.  Check the vids courtesy of Mike over at TheMusic.FM.  Sit down, dim the lights, and get ready for some softcore porn music making!

Opening track – Sexual Sportwear – damn that silver jacket is fuckin sweet!

This is great.  Peep the microphone thrusting & crotch grabbing dance moves mid-vid.  I gotta say am very impressed.

Tellier ranting and raving about zee cheeeeckkkaann sandwhich and other stuff.  If you can make sense of it, your either the man…or french. =) 

Props again to TheMusic.FM for the footage and GBH for the booking!




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5 08 2008

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