What Is Complextro?

25 11 2011

If you are a frequent clubber, or music blog troller, you might have started hearing a new crop of electronic club sounds.  It’s not electro, and it’s not dubstep…but it definitely has elements of both.  Imagine a 4/4 beat built with a myriad of synth sounds, very rapid edits and transitions, a filthy dub baseline, and usually accompanied by vocals and big breakdowns for the epic hands in your air moment.  I’ve been hearing more and more of this from the likes of Porter Robinson, Skrillex, Wolfgang Gartner, Madeon, and others.

Up until today I’ve been describing it to people as “this crazy weird mix of sounds”, but officially I hear it is being dubbed Complextro.   Or if taken literally, more complex electro, giving credit to highly edited Dubstep, and the danceability of Electro.  It makes sense, as more and more producers are taking to Ableton to create music, a program which enables the ability to highly edit audio more than ever before.  And as production tools allow producers to do more things, then the creativity takes over, and that is where the fun begins!

Whatever it is called, or how it is made, this new genre is really taking off.  After a recent show in New York featuring DJs Madeon and Porter Robinson  (both Complextro pushers in their sets), the club was mobbed and I saw no sign of crowd fatigue throughout the 4 hour night and was one of the better nights I’ve had in New York in quite some time.

So what next with Complextro?  My take is now that the genre has been named, I think we will be seeing more and more push into this style over the next year.  That’s good news for us, as electronic music continues to take off in America.

Want to hear some?  Check out these vids of Porter Robinson and Madeon playing Complextro at Webster Hall in NYC on 10-28-2011.  More to come.  Pz.

Madeon @ Webster Hall, NYC dropping Justice – Audio, Video, Disco Remix

Porter Robinson @ Webster Hall, NYC dropping Swedish House Mafia – Save the World Remix.  Wait for the drop at 1.01